10 Ways to Perfect English

English is a very funny language. Contrary to fears of an average learner it is one of the easiest languages. A sincere effort can attain everything. Learning English is an enjoyable experience. What you need is only and only a passion for learning. We give some simple tips that are sure to help you:

1. Accept that English is your goal

Setting a goal is must for everybody who wants success in any field. English is no exception. Once you accept English your goal, your mind starts concentrating on learning it. And make learning English your long-term goal. Learning is a life-long process.

2. Surround yourself in English

You should surround yourself in English, means an English learning environment. That will give you a passive learning. The best way to learn is through listening, and then speaking.

3. Continue Practice

Practice every day. You can make a study plan. Decide how much time a day or a week you are going to spend learning and then follow your plan honestly. Remember, learning is a routine. It’s a habit.

4. Follow the Nature

Nature is the greatest teacher. If we follow natural rules, then success is sure to come. A native speaker learns a language in fourfold way: First listening, then speaking. Reading followed by writing.

5. Keep a record of new words

You can take help of a notebook for new words you learn every day. These new word need special attention and more practice. The best way to remember a new word is to make sentences out of it. You should be careful enough to use the newly learnt word more and more. The difficult words can be easily remembered by memorizing an example sentence.

6. Choose only the interesting material

You should be careful in choosing the books, movies etc. that suit your taste the best. Make learning English your interest, you are doing it because you love it, not because you have to. Think about what methods have been successful for you in the past and once again stick to them because the used swords remain shining.

7. Keep a hot-line open

Get help! If you find something annoying, be quick to ask. You may ask your teacher, classmates or friends for help. Online help is also very useful.

8. Take Audio-visual methods

Watching the objects that are connected with the listened word makes the memory strong. Watching English movies with subtitles, can be very helpful. You may take pause at any step and then resume it. After a few days, watch that movie again. The results will make you jump with joy.

9. Grow a habit of Dictionary

Dictionary is the blood and bone of learning a language. A dictionary helps you in two ways. You can look up a problematic word, and for this propose an online dictionary or a mobile-phone app is the best.
The second thing is helping for only a genius. You should grow a habit of reading dictionary every day. Little by little, words start turning active in your mind.

10. Don’t be in a hurry

The wise are never in a hurry. And because you are also wise, keep patience. Learning a language is a constant and regular process. Concentrate your energy on today, not on tomorrow. The Rome can’t be built in a day, learning English is in no way less magnificent than Rome, always remember

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