Why learn English?

English is universally considered an international auxiliary language. Today, we can’t imagine a world without English.
In India, where there exists the largest English-speaking community in the world, larger even than the United States, English is no more a foreign language. This language has been played a crucial role in our struggle for independence, as our national heroes got aware of the free nature of Western Europe through English.
Here are some reasons why you should learn this language:
In India, English is not a language, it’s a status symbol. The personality remains incomplete unless you make yourself good enough at English. It has become a certificate of culture.

  1. Of all the foreign languages, English is the easiest to learn. There are countless online courses on the web. English grammars are available in almost all the native languages. English is a simple and enjoyable language.
  2. If you are thinking of higher education, in India or in a foreign university, it’s English that can bring your boat to the shore.
  3. Not only the international language of business English is also the international language of the arts and science too. If you are thinking of entering the scientific arena you will have to learn how to communicate in English. On the other hand, Hollywood is the biggest film industry on this planet, and now-a-days many Bollywood films are using more and more English language.
  4. With the expansion of the British Empire, English was exported all over the world, and it is still used as the official language of many countries where the British have ruled. There are 54 independent States in The British Commonwealth and English is the prestigious language used at official gatherings.
  5. After learning English, you will find it very easy to learn other languages. Most of the grammar books and dictionaries have been compiled in English.
  6. If you can read English, the doors of the World’s best literature are open for you. Not only English books, but other languages’ books also, because the best of these exist in English translation.
  7. If you have the ability to speak English, you can work anywhere in the world. You could even start teaching the language, the demand to learn English is so great.
  8. After Chinese, English is the second-most widely spoken language of the planet. It makes travelling a pleasing experience, if you are really good at English. You can make friends everywhere you go.
  9. Most of the content on the internet is available in English. The world’s biggest media outlets, including TV, newspapers, magazines and radio, use English. In all international film festivals, all films are either in English or show English subtitles. English is the international language of media and arts. It’s the most powerful language on the planet you can learn and relish.

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